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The Ark Advantage

We are the Netflix of Education & Edutainment.
All your Educational Requirements are fulfilled with one subscription

Animated Videos, Digital Sessions & Live Classes

We provide Animated Content, Digital Classes, and Live Sessions to K-12 students.


Students Learn at their Own pace. If a student of Class VIII can learn fast, he/she can complete Class VII Maths by watching Animated Videos, Digital Classes and attending Live Sessions in six month and move on Class IX Maths, Conversely, a student of higher class can go back and revise by watching Animated Videos and Live Sessions of Previous Classes.

The student can attend Live Sessions of all Classes with a single subscription.

Web Series & Edutainment

We offer Edutainment web series where we wrap a concept around a story. For example, a guy must learn about Nuclear Physics to save a power plant. This ensures students stay excited around the fundamentals of each subject and stay interested

Holistic Development:

We hired Life Coaches, and Meditation teachers to teach children on aspects of Life Building Skills,
on topics like

  1. How to focus
  2. How do we handle our thoughts and emotions etc.
  3. Honesty & Transparency

We believe the current academic curriculum is not addressing the aspects the mind, body and spirit
and their interconnection and we want to change that

All our offerings will be available at a monthly subscription price with no additional charge for any
specific offering in the future